Medicare Advantage in Clearfield, PA,

The motto of Greene Insurance Agency is “Planning today for tomorrow’s financial security”. You take advantage of the present opportunity to put into effect the right insurance solutions to secure your financial future.

What We Offer

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an indispensable financial planning strategy. Whether you are beginning a career as a single person, married with family, and/or own a business, life insurance if the most efficient and effective tool to create an immediate estate or pay off bank loans.

Beneficiaries have three Medicare options:

1. Enroll in a Medicare Supplement. Supplements pay the medical expenses that Original Medicare Part A and Part B do not pay.

2. Enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. M.A. plans cover all of the inpatient and outpatient medical coverage of Original Medicare. With an M.A. plan you pay co pays or coinsurance for all your medical services. M.A. plans also include RX drug coverage, dental, vision, hearing, meals, and OTC benefits.

3. Part D prescription drug coverage.

Deferred Annuities

1. Guaranteed principal and interest earnings.

2. Interest earnings are income tax deferred

3. Allow withdrawals and loans

4. Avoid probate

5. Provide lifetime income

6. 2, 3, 5, and 7 year contract periods

Employee Benefits

I offer group medical coverage for companies of 2 to 100 employees, which is Affordable Care Act compliant.

The medical plan includes inpatient and outpatient coverage with prescription drug and optional dental benefits. HSA and HRA can be incorporated in plan design.

Employers have flexibility to design a plan that meets the need of your company, deductible ranges from $500 to $7,900. Four coinsurance options: 100%, 80-20%, 70-30%, or 50 – 50%. Physician office visits and prescription drug co pay amounts vary.

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